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Basketball Orbit

Playable Ad Creation

<p>We helped the Pinpin team create a playable for their game Basketball Orbit. Tap the screen to launch the ball, hit the sweet spot for maximum distance!</p>


Screenshot & Video Creation

<p>Transkriptor is the leading transcription app on iOS and Google Play. The Transkriptor team commissioned us to create a set of 10 screenshots and a preview video for both platforms.</p>


Logo Animation Design

<p>Explore the simplicity and beauty of a minimalist modern logo animation for the UniApp application. </p> <p>UniApp simplifies your education journey! Easily apply to top degrees worldwide with one click. </p>


App Screenshots Design

<p>We helped design a set of 6 screenshots for the ParkQuest app featuring unique illustrations.</p>

Alma Financial

Screenshots & Video Creation

<p>Alma Financial, a Y Combinator company, combines daily banking with the excitement of playing the lottery.</p> <p>We worked with the Alma team to create a set of 10 screenshots for their newly launching app on iOS and Google Play.</p>

Challenges Alarm Clock

App Screenshots Design

<p>Challenge yourself and earn extra nap time.<br /> We created 9 screenshot designs optimized for both iOS and Android. The designs were made to fully capture the app's full functionality. </p>


App Screenshots Design

<p>Working with the Mineable team, we created 6 screenshot designs optimized for iOS and Android app stores. </p>


Video Ad Design

<p>Anyone can become an artist in seconds. WallPoet is an AI Image Generator and Photo Editor. We worked with the Wallpoet team to create a 30 seconds preview video for their app.</p>


Video Ad Design

<p>ReelTrends is a fun and easy Reel Creator App available on iOS and Android devices. Create reels in seconds using pre-installed templates. The ReelTrends team contacted us to make a preview video to showcase the unique features of their app.</p>

Grove HR

Explainer Video Creation

<p>Grove HR is a cloud based HR software that helps small and medium sized businesses automate and streamline their HR processes. </p> <p>The team at Grove HR commissioned us for a high quality explainer video to cover all the important features of their automated HR software.</p>

Gentler Streak

App Store Preview & Ad Video Creation

<p>Gentler Streak is a health and fitness tracker that helps users find the right balance between exercise and rest.</p> <p>We worked with the Gentler Streak team to help create a 30-second App Store video, as well as a collection of over 20 different unique short videos for their advertising campaigns.</p>


Explainer Video Creation

<p>FreshTracks is a music licensing platform that sets themselves apart with their proprietary music search features. </p> <p>After completing the video in English, we also translated the video and voiceover into a handful of different languages including Hungarian, Czech, and German.</p>

Idle Research

App Store Optimization

<p>Idle Research is an addictive resource management & incremental game developed by Considera Games. In 2022 we worked with the Considera team to help improve their App Store Optimization in the Google Play Store. </p> <p>Using a combination of keyword optimization and A/B testing on their short description and App Store icon we were able to improve their conversion rate by ≈25% in a 17 day split test.</p>


Short Video Ads

<p>Bumpsuit is a maternity brand that aims to redefine pregnancy wear by offering sleek and stylish clothing designed specifically for expecting mothers.</p> <p>We worked with the Bumpsuit team in 2022 to create a line of simple & short videos as part of their larger ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and beyond.</p>


App Store Video Creation

<p>Leaper is a mobile app that allows for hassle-free data sharing between multiple devices. </p> <p>We worked with the Leaper team in 2022 to create a 30-second video ad for their iOS and Google Play Store pages.</p>

Remote For Samsung Smart TV

App Store Optimization

<p>Remote For Samsung Smart TV is an app on Google Play that lets people use their phone as a remote for their Samsung Smart TV. We worked with the ControllaTV team to optimize their App Store listing during their launch in the fall of 2022.</p> <p>Using the best keywords from our preliminary research we crafted a new long description as well as a set of 3 keyword-optimized short descriptions for A/B testing. Through the A/B testing of the short description alone we were able to achieve a ≈15% boost in conversion.</p> <p>Using the newly written keyword-rich content combined with an aggressive Google Ads campaign the app was able to climb into the top ranks for a handful of core keywords over the course of its launch. Within one year of going live the app crossed the 1 million user mark.</p>


App & App Screenshot Design

<p>CornerUp is a mobile-first startup that aims to modernize the local corner store by offering an easy to use platform for re-ordering and re-stocking from thousands of different suppliers.</p> <p>We created a new set of 7 screenshots for both iOS and Google Play across all devices.</p> <p>After the initial screenshots were complete the team commissioned us to update the UI of their onboarding process with 3 new introductory screens.</p>


Mobile Game Ads Creation

<p>DDTank is a popular Korean casual game with classic artillery aiming mechanics. </p> <p>We worked with the 7road International team to create a handful of video ads for their ad campaigns.</p>


Playable Ad Creation

<p>BandLab is a mobile music production software with over 50 million downloads that lets people make music anytime, anywhere. BandLab’s SongStarter product allows users to auto-generate music using proprietary AI technology.</p>


App Store Optimization

<p>Solflare is one of the most popular crypto wallets on the Solana blockchain. With over 300,000 users, Solflare lets people buy, send or stake their Solana & Solana NFTs all in one place.</p> <p>The Solflare team commissioned us to update their ASO on iOS and Google Play with new keyword-optimized textual content including a long description, short description, keyword field, and subtitle.</p> <p>Using our suggestions and written content Solflare has managed to achieve and maintain a #1 spot for their two most important keywords - Solana & Solana Wallet.</p>

Julian's Editor

App Store Optimization

<p> Julian’s Editor is a mobile game engine that lets users create their own games without any coding experience. We began working with the Julian’s Editor team in 2022 to help improve their App Store listings and boost rankings on iOS and Google Play.</p> <p>Using our keyword-optimized metadata the app has since been able to cross the 500k user mark and while climbing the ranks for high value terms like ‘Make your own game’ and ‘Game creator’.</p>

Voodoo Games

App Store Optimization

<p>Based in France, Voodoo games is one of the most widely known and successful casual mobile game publishers in the world. Our first engagement with the Voodoo team saw us working on the ASO for their iOS game.</p> <p>Several months after our suggestions were submitted the game was re-launched along with a graphical overhaul. Our ASO expertise combined with Voodoo’s world class media buying helped the game reach the #1 spot under ‘All Games’ in 7 countries and a #1 spot in ‘Puzzle Games’ in 24 countries within 1 year.</p>

19 Minute Yoga

Video Ad Design

<p>19 Minute Yoga is a mobile app that breaks down yoga sessions into short 19 minute guided sessions. We worked with the 19 Minute Yoga Team to create a short video ad in 2020.</p>


App Store Video Creation

<p>CalcNote is a popular calculator app on Google Play with over 500k installs and 11k positive reviews. We worked with the CalcNote team to create an engaging and high-converting preview video for their Google Play Store listing.</p>

Stickman Sniper

Playable Ad Creation

<p>Stickman Sniper is a popular mobile shoot 'em up game available on Google Play. </p> <p>We helped develop a playable ad based on one of the in-game levels featuring a lineup of enemies standing atop an old fashioned train.</p>

Pixel Gun

Playable Ad Creation

<p> Pixel Gun 3D is a massively popular mobile shoot 'em up game available on iOS and Google Play with over 100 million players. </p> <p>We helped create a set of 3 different playable ads for Pixel Gun featuring unique in-game levels.</p>

Play 21

Playable Ad Creation

<p>Play 21 is a popular blackjack game developer by the online mobile multiplayer video game competition platform Skillz. </p> <p>We worked with Skillz’s UA team to develop a simplified interactive version of the game for their ad campaigns across a variety of platforms.</p>

AI Chat Master

Video Ad Design

<p> AI Chat Master is an AI chat app powered by ChatGPT. </p> <p>We worked with the Chat Master team to develop two video ads for Facebook, Instagram, and beyond.</p>

Gopinion & Easy Bucks

App Store Video Creation

<p>Gopinion and Easy Bucks are a set of apps developed by BitBurst that allows users to earn money for playing games, doing surveys, and completing other tasks. </p> <p>We worked with the BitBurst team to create an app store videos for both of their apps, as well as making translations for a variety of languages.</p>

Gopinion & Easy Bucks

App Store Video Creation

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