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Basketball Orbit

Playable Ad Creation

<p>We helped the Pinpin team create a playable for their game Basketball Orbit. Tap the screen to launch the ball, hit the sweet spot for maximum distance!</p>


App Screenshots Design

<p>Transkriptor is the leading transcription app on iOS and Google Play. The Transkriptor team commissioned us to create a set of 10 screenshots and a preview video for both platforms.</p>


Logo Animation Design

<p>Explore the simplicity and beauty of a minimalist modern logo animation for the UniApp application. </p> <p>UniApp simplifies your education journey! Easily apply to top degrees worldwide with one click. </p>


App Screenshots Design

<p>We helped design a set of 6 screenshots for the ParkQuest app featuring unique illustrations.</p>

Alma Financial

App Screenshots Design

<p>Alma Financial, a Y Combinator company, combines daily banking with the excitement of playing the lottery.</p> <p>We worked with the Alma team to create a set of 10 screenshots for their newly launching app on iOS and Google Play.</p>

Challenges Alarm Clock

App Screenshots Design

<p>Challenge yourself and earn extra nap time.<br /> We created 9 screenshot designs optimized for both iOS and Android. The designs were made to fully capture the app's full functionality. </p>


Video Ad Design

<p>Anyone can become an artist in seconds. WallPoet is an AI Image Generator and Photo Editor. We worked with the Wallpoet team to create a 30 seconds preview video for their app.</p>


Video Ad Design

<p>ReelTrends is a fun and easy Reel Creator App available on iOS and Android devices. Create reels in seconds using pre-installed templates. The ReelTrends team contacted us to make a preview video to showcase the unique features of their app.</p>


Video Ad Design

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